Since Art School days I had always enjoyed drawing the life model and it was a pleasure which persisted over the years and I still attend a life group each week.

Just drawing people at random was something of a leisure habit.

Following the closure of the wall hanging studio I began to attend weekly life classes at Central School of Art at Bloor Court with Rod Taylor in 1987. Many drawings accumulated and sketch books filled.

In 1988 I produced an etching exhibition of life models which were shown at Tynte Gallery, North Adelaide. Few of these prints survive now and the plates were destroyed when the editions were completed.

I often returned to the model as a subject, having made a series of hand painted wood cuts featuring nudes and some etchings from sketch book studies. The Goolwa mono-types were drawn from portrait sketches of volunteers in 2011 and 2012. I think the human figure in art is just another wonderful subject, along with everything else, but more difficult to draw well.

1. Annie 1990 Hand coloured Woodcut 76 x 57.5cm
Anna 1990 Hand coloured Wood Cut 57 x 76cm
Dark Room 1987 Etching 76 x 56cm
Early Pregnancy 1988 Etching 56 x 76cm
In the Garden 1990 Hand Coloured Wood Cut 76 x 57cm
Male Nude in Foetal Position 1987 Hand coloured Etching 76 x 56cm
Man 1987 Etching 76 x 56cm
Pregnant Woman 1987 Etching 56 x 76cm
Sleeping Woman 1990 Hand Coloured Woodcut 57 x 76cm
Woman 1991 Etching 50 x 72cm
Young Woman 1990 Hand coloured Woodcut 76 x 57.5cm

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