Museum Birds

2009 saw a completion of a major collection of paintings and drawings based on my responses to the ornithology specimens at the SA Museum. I was able to access the collections, to sketch and photograph them and to make art works from them. 

My initial reaction of shock of seeing so many dead birds was quickly replaced by an overwhelming astonishment at their beauty and complexity. I have been driven to try to make art from these specimens and to give them a new life by making them the subject of my art.    

Conceptually both the paintings and drawings are much the same, having worked on them concurrently in my studio from sketches made at the museum. The drawings are intended as finished art works ready for framing and the paintings are stretched canvas or linen on frames ready for hanging.

Perhaps the drawings continue to gather strength from the years of printmaking practices in their graphic immediacy, while the paintings contain the inherent subtleties of colour. 

Many of these works were exhibited in the retrospective exhibition, ‘Rita Hall. Museum Studies 1969-2009’. 

Artwork in Series

1. Blue Wing 2008 conté & charcoal on paper 125x85cm FRAMED
Babblers And Wings (specimens) 2007 conté & charcoal 60x85cm
Blue Wings 2008 conté 101x132cm 2 PIECES
Egret 2008 Watercolour and charcoal 66x102
Friar Birds 2008 charcoal & conté 66 x101cm
Hummingbird _ Tag 2008 Charcoal 66x101cm
Hummingbird 2008 charcoal, conte, white chalk 102.5 x 66.5 cm- AGSA Collection 2019
Hummingbird III 2008 Charcoal 66x101cm
Hummingbird IV 2007 Charcoal 66x101cm
Hummingbird V 2007 conté & charcoal 66x101cm
Kingfisher 2008 conté & charcoal 101x66cm
Kookaburras 2007 charcoal 66 x101cm
Museum Collection 2007 charcoal 66 x101cm (Dobell Finalist 2007 & AGSA collection) 2019
Ornithology Collection 2007 (Waterhouse 2nd prize) charcoal 66 x 101cm
Pardalote 2008 charcoal 86x106cm
Pigeon 2007 conte and charcoal 106 x 147cm
Red Bird and Tag 2007 charcoal and watercolour 88 x 115cm
Red Brested Birds 1 2008 watercolour, conte & charcoal on paper 75 x 120cm
Scarlet Robin I 2007 watercolour 39 x 52cm
Scarlet Robin II 2008 watercolour 39x52cm
Small Red Birds 2007 charcoal & conté 101x66cm
Spotted Pardalote I 2007 watercolour 39 x 52cm
Spotted Pardelote II 2007 watercolour 39 x 52cm
Sunbird I 2008 charcoal watercolour & pastel 66x101cm
Terns 2007 charcoal 66 x 101cm
Terns 2007 charcoal 66x101cm
Three Kingfishers 2007 charcoal pastle and conté 66x101cm
Three Kookaburras 2007 conté & charcoal 66x102cm
Two Robins 2007 charcoal & watercolour 60x76cm


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